Cosmetic Lines

Spa & Wellness in Bavaria

Take time for yourself and let yourself go well in the Wellness Hotel Gut Ising am Chiemsee with a soothing treatment.

Our cosmetics lines offer the guests the successful combination of low effective serums, creams, oils and gels of internationally renowned brands such as St. Barth, GRANDEL, FABY, OPI or Molton Brown.  
The clinically proven action of the products and the expertise of our suppliers guarantee a pleasant spa effect, relaxation and lasting effects. 

Ligne St. Barth - The finest natural cosmetics from the Caribbean

Even if you read the name and place of origin of our new product line, you get itchy feet, picture the beach, palm trees and shells in sight and the smell of mango, exotic flowers and pineapple on the nose.

With the exquisite elixirs and spa treatments, we take you into a world of Caribbean relaxation. Exotic oils, fragrances of the Caribbean tiare flower, fine lily or the essence of pure bourbon vanilla caress your soul and indulge your senses. Taste the fresh exotic fruit mousse before it is too intense pflgenden scrubs or wraps is processed with the high quality elixirs of St. Barth. Enjoy a relaxing facial treatment while the scents, essences and tropical freshness of a colorful Caribbean fruits with extracts of papaya, melon, mango or Marakuja.

Dr. Grandel - Beauty in best hands

GRANDEL is one of the best names when it comes to professional skin cosmetics and to respond in a position to claim any of various skin types and their problems. Good skin tolerance, clinical proven effectiveness, thorough and gentle effect and freshness and vitality to your skin are synonymous with the name GRANDEL.

The first signals of aging gives us our skin very early. For example, by fine wrinkles around the eyes or a slow deterioration of the skin-tension force on the neck and décolleté. Fortunately, however, the skin has the amazing ability to regenerate itself and you have the chance to support this renewal process specifically and possibly catch up for lost time. The finely tuned specimens of GRANDEL-care system in this case be give you valuable help.

OPI Nageldesign - The new voice of fashion

Just as varying colors, nail design remains an important element in fashion, both as an accessory as well as jewelry. When experimenting with different looks and designs are the nail design of each individual limits only by lack of imagination and "do not dare" is set.

Let us take you into the colorful world of OPI Senorita Rose-Alita from, Chocolate Moose, Suzi and the 7 Düsseldorf or Big Apple Red

A colorful world of colors, shimmer, shine and polish. The OPI nail lacquers ensure greatest durability, compatibility and beautiful, long lasting colors. Our estheticians provide professional look and the right effect.