Balloon Trips in Bavaria

The balloon pilot will prepare you for a fantastic experience. You will set up the equipment together and, once the burners have been lit, take off for an altitude of about 3,000 m, floating above the world below. 

Lake Chiemsee sparkling below, the Alps in Chiemgau and  Berchtesgadener Land within your grasp. New horizons open up beneath the expansive Bavarian sky that you serenely pass through. A feeling beyond words ....

Ballooning on Lake Chiemsee

Back on the ground, and after packing away the basket and envelope, the light-hearted christening ceremony for the balloonists begins.

Presentation of the christening certificates is another highlight of this experience, which will be unforgettable for everyone who has taken part.

Bookings via our Reception
Registration +49 8667 790

Prices - Ballooning

Adults, according to no. of people 185.00 - 155.00
Children (6-12 years) 135.00

Our ballooning partner's fleet is large enough to carry up to100 people at a time.