Cross-Country Skiing & Biathlon

Cross-Country Skiing in Chiemgau

Practically no other sport requires using the body so intensively: Cross-country skiing trains the entire muscular system. 

In Chiemgau in winter, not only do you have this intensive experience, but also the beautiful scenery, mountains and imposing Lake Chiemsee.

Cross-Country Trails near Gut Ising

Place Length Style & Trail Info Distance
Bergen im Chiemgau 25 km Classic and skating 13.8 km
Inzell 40 km Circuit 29.8 km
Grabenstätt 3,5 km Start at Tüttensee car park 12.6 km
Grassau/Rottau 10 km Classic 24.3 km
Marquartstein 7 km Classic and skating 25.3 km
Nußdorf 10 km Classic and skating 52.4 km
Obing/Pittenhart/Kienberg 20 km Classic 13.3 km
Palling 10 km Classic, incl. 1 km skating 18.9 km
Petting 10 km Classic 33.5 km
Reit im Winkl 90 km Classic and skating 40.2 km
Siegsdorf/Hammer/Eisenärzt 38 km Classic and skating 18.4 km
Staudach-Egerndach 9 km Classic 24.7 km
Traunstein 45 km Highlight: Tobi-Angerer Circuit 13.4 km
Trostberg 15 km Circuit 15.9 km
Unterwössen/Oberwössen 27 km Classic and skating 28.2 km
Waging am See 2,5 km Start in Ninharting and Wonneberg 23.9 km

Cross-Country Skiing - Equipment Hire

Good and certified cross-country rental places can be found in the mountains, Inzell, Ruhpolding, Reit im Winkl and Siegsdorf. 

Ruhpolding Biathlon Centre

Ruhpoliding Biathlon Centre is located 24 km from Gut Ising. This is where the excitement of the annual world cup happens – naturally together with the big party enjoyed by the fans.

You can stay in the relaxed and luxurious surroundings of Gut Ising, making a trip to Ruhpolding each day. We can organise a shuttle service to take you safely to and from Ruhpolding on request.


Biathlon World Cup