Country Cross & Country Trail

Cross-Country Riding & Hacking

Inspired by the well-known futurologist Horst Opaschowski, who predicted that "gentle sports" will become increasingly in vogue, I have worked for a number of years on surveying terrain that is as safe and gentle as possible: Country Trail without jumps and Country Cross with simple "fun jumps".

World-class riders such as Marcus Ehning, Thomas Frühmann and Dr Matthias Baumann are already onboard with us and, with their ideas, have helped to develop Country Cross at Gut Ising into an exciting and extremely elegant equestrian discipline.

Equestrian Sport for All Ages

Above all, Country Trail offers "best agers", i.e. people over 40 who want to start riding, a rewarding goal that they can easily reach.

Konstantin Magalow

Country Cross

Jumping – Course
Ride cross-country with inviting obstacles that will really get your heart racing.
On the greens, like golf, a good sense of feeling and precision is required.
The galloping track in the large arena provides exciting sport.

Target Group
All advanced riders who have fun riding cross-country.
Cross-country riders wishing to familiarise young horses with cross-country jumping.


  • 'Country Cross' Standard: Course up to 0.90 m
  • Standard cross-country trail up to 1.00 m
  • Open terrain 'Country Cross' Classic: Course up to 1.10 m. Standard cross-country trail up to 1.00 m
  • 'Country Cross' Champions: Course up to 1.20 m Standard cross-country trail up to 1.00 m

Riders may also omit cross-country jumps.There are no points for obstacles that are omitted.

Country Cross Philosophy

"Keep Country Cross simple!"
There is hardly anything better than galloping across magnificent countryside and riding over inviting obstacles with a good horse.
It's pure fun!

First and foremost, Country Cross events test riding skills and precision on the course and speed track. Like golf, an event can be run with about 3 helpers; and the club or organisation has the opportunity to generate a profit from the joining fees.

Fun & Excitement on the Greens

Like golf, the "greens" require very good instinct and concentration. Experienced riders take them at a gallop.

Less experienced participants can try their luck at a trot. The balls carry the starting numbers of the competitors.

Galloping Track

The galloping track requires good instinct and precision.
Galloping fast on best quality sand in the large arena is tremendous fun. The way through the pylons demands very sensitive and precise riding at a fast pace.

The harmonious and challenging layout makes it impossible to use spurs or a riding crop. Less experienced riders can tackle the galloping track at a trot.

Country Trail

The rides takes you over hills, through hollows and sections with water, past agricultural equipment and other imaginative "obedience obstacles", which test the trust between horse and rider.

The rider receives one point for every "obedience obstacle" he or she negotiates first time. Riders may also omit an "obedience obstacle".

On the greens, which competitors must tackle at a gallop, 0, 1, 2 or 3 points are awarded. In the event of a draw, the better time on the galloping track decides the winner.

Target Group

  • Riders of all abilities who enjoy cross-country riding(hacking) and taking part in a stylish riding competition that is as safe as possible.
  • Late starters and 'returners'
  • Just like golf, Country Trail is ideally suitable for convivial birthday parties, sponsorship and charity events.
Country Trail Philosophy

"Keep Country Trail simple!"
As with a golf tournament, it's possible to hold Country Trail event with about 3 helpers. Further more, just like golf, an organisation or club should have the possibility to make a profit from entry fees.