Animals at Gut Ising

Hotel on Lake Chiemsee with a Soft Spot for Animals

... wagging tails welcome! You're free to romp about and roll in ditches in Gut Ising 's extensive 170 hectares, and afterwards try our unique dog shower.


Naturally with soothing warm water and a very special herbal shampoo. That will make both your owner and our housekeepers at Hotel Gut Ising happy.

Do your owners play at lot of golf? And you're not allowed to go with them? You must be joking! At Hotel Gut Ising you're even allowed on the Golf Course - on a lead that is. Well, better on a lead than not at all.

Dogs are Welcome at Gut Ising!

And what about entertainment? Pets will prick their ears up! Many other dogs are already waiting to make your acquaintance.

The atmosphere during dog walking on Ising's latifundium on Lake Chiemsee is great. Proper running, romping around, playing, sniffing; and all this together with other dogs - 'canine wellness' four-legged friends...

Horses at Gut Ising

Our animals are part of the family; what would a holiday be without them?!

At Gut Ising we see it that way too! And that's why you may also bring your horses with you to Gut Ising!
50 guest stalls, paddocks, pastures and stables; as well as loving, attentive and knowledgeable hands, are ready for your sweetheart.

Riding Course with Your Own Horse 

There is nothing to stop you doing a riding course or hack on your own horse, so that you can both improve and work towards mutual success.